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Meet the founder and owner of Mocha Melanin’ Skin Care. Ty’Layja I. Hatch Weatherspoon is a native of Baton Rouge, La. A little over a month ago, she celebrated a very special milestone by graduating with honors from Madison Preparatory Academy. She will continue to farther her education this fall at Texas Southern University majoring in Business Management. Since about the age of ten, Ty’Layja has dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Ty’Layja also takes pride in her skin appearance, as well as what’s healthy for the skin. Tye and her mom set out on a journey roughly a year ago to create a healthy and safe product that would not only keep her skin clean but healthy, moisturized and free of acne. They inspired to create a product that will do the same for women and men all around the world. After several months of using the products as test runs with different ingredients, she has finally created a product that she knows from experience is not only affective if used properly, but will change your smile. We hope to offer you all healthy, beautiful skin. Shop with us to see your stunning results! 

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